Trying To Save Money On Hair, Accessories And Makeup For The Prom? Follow These Tips!

Do you feel frustrated that you don't know what you want to do with your life? Learn how a trade school could help you find your place.

Trying To Save Money On Hair, Accessories And Makeup For The Prom? Follow These Tips!

Trying To Save Money On Hair, Accessories And Makeup For The Prom? Follow These Tips!

16 May 2016
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Prom is coming! For those of you hoping to save money on the big event, there are many things you can do to look your best and keep prices down. The following tips will help you save money on hair, makeup and accessories for the big night.

Make a Game Plan

It's much harder to save money when you're working on the fly. Calling hair dressers and makeup artists ahead of time will give you a chance to compare prices, find the best deals in your area and make appointments. Start planning as early as possible before the big event. Budget several hours for the planning process. To stay organized, track deals you find in a chart.

Get Your Hair Styled at a Trade School

Barber schools are always looking for test subjects for their students. This means you can get your hair done inexpensively by a professional in training. Your hair will look beautiful, and you may be able to spend much less money than you would if you went to a standard salon.

Have Your Make Up Done at the Barber School

Many hair schools also teach students to do makeup. When you make your appointment to get your hair done, inquire about makeup to see if they'll do that as well. Remember to bring in pictures of the styles you're hoping to achieve and pictures of your dress so your stylist (or stylists) will be able to meet your needs.

Make Your Own Accessories

Sure, you can purchase your own hair comb at a local jewelry store, but it can be much cheaper to buy a comb and glue rhinestones to the comb's edge to dress it up. You can do something similar with accessories like hair bands.

Go Vintage

Why buy costume jewelry when you can raid a relative's closet or your own attic and find beautiful jewelry from your older relatives? Wearing vintage pieces like old necklaces and rings will enable you to dress up for free, and it will give you a sense that you're following in a grand tradition. Talk to your mother, grandmother and other relatives to find out which pieces of jewelry they can loan you for the big night.

For more information about how you can save money on hair, accessories and makeup, talk to your stylist at the cosmetology/barber school when you go in to get your hair cut. Your stylist can give you suggestions that will work for your needs.

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