Introduction To CDL Training School For Prospective Students

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Introduction To CDL Training School For Prospective Students

Introduction To CDL Training School For Prospective Students

5 May 2016
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Obtaining your commercial driving license or CDL will mean that you open up an entirely new level of employment opportunities as a truck driver. However, knowing how to drive a commercial vehicle is far more advanced than just sitting behind the wheel of a car and you will need training. CDL training schools give prospective drivers a chance to learn all about not just driving a commercial vehicle, but the other aspects of being a trucker as well. Here are a few of the most common questions you may have about CDL training school and the answers you should know. 

How long does CDL training school last?

The length of time it takes for you to complete a CDL program will depend on several factors, including how well you proceed through the program and pass each training session. Training schools may offer four, six, or even eight week programs in which you attend classes everyday or every evening except for weekends. There are some training schools that offer weekend training sessions, which of course take longer to complete but work out well for those who have jobs or other commitments through the week. 

What does stay-and-train mean?

If a CDL training school is offering a stay-and-train program, it usually means that they either require or offer you to stay at a specific location through your training. They will often work with local hotels to offer inexpensive accommodations for students so they can stay near the training site. Stay-and-train programs sometimes operate on a weekly basis, allowing students to travel home on weekends. 

Is it true that some companies will pay for your training?

Some trucking companies do offer prospective employees paid training in their own facilities. However, trucking companies that do offer this "perk" will also usually keep a cut of your earnings for so long after your training is complete and you officially start driving for them. You may also be required to stick with a certain company under contract for a duration of time if they pay for your training. 

What does CDL training school consist of?

CDL training will involve several levels of learning as a truck driver. You will take classes on various aspects of trucking and receive study guides and information that will help you prepare for your written CDL exam. In addition, CDL training school will involve you learning how to drive a big rig with a hands-on approach guided by an instructor. 

For more information on CDL training, contact a company like Center For Transportation Safety.

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