Easy Ways To Remove A Junked Car From Your Property For Free

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Easy Ways To Remove A Junked Car From Your Property For Free

Easy Ways To Remove A Junked Car From Your Property For Free

26 April 2016
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If you are the owner of a vehicle that is taking up space on your land, you most likely want to have it removed so you can enjoy your yard without having to look at an eyesore in the process. There are several methods you could use to remove a vehicle without needing to pay for it yourself. Here are some ideas on how to have a vehicle taken away without having to lift a finger or open your wallet.    

Call Local Auto Salvage Yards

Most auto salvage yards will give people money in exchange for their junked vehicle. The vehicle is weighed and a predetermined amount per pound is calculated to come up with the amount you would receive. If your vehicle is not in driveable condition, or if you just do not wish to drive it, calls can be made to salvage yards to see if the offer towing service. Some yards will tow for free while others will charge a fee for this service. Have the auto salvage yard deduct the towing charge from the weigh-in amount you would obtain.

Donate Your Vehicle To Charity

There are several companies that accept vehicles as a charitable donation. A tow truck would be dispatched to your property and they would take the vehicle away free of charge. While you would not obtain a cash payout using this method, the transaction may be eligible for a tax deduction. Ask the company if they provide tax forms for the relinquishment of your vehicle. When April rolls around, file your taxes with this information to receive your deduction. You will also feel good about contributing to a good cause. Research several companies and select one that holds special meaning to you before making your final decision on which one to give your vehicle.

Give Your Vehicle To A Local Fire Department

Fire departments are always in need of vehicles to use for training firefighters how to handle car fires. Call your local fire department and ask them if they would be interested in having your vehicle for this reason. They will most likely have a firefighter with a tow hitch available to pick up your vehicle to bring back to their station. They will then use it the next time they conduct exercises with new trainees. This is a way that will make you feel that your vehicle had one last important role to play before it is junked.

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